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Here you can take matters in your own hands. Thinking about those white sandy beaches? Hmm, how about the Rocky's, or maybe one of our well known cities, like Manhattan, Indianapolis. With your subscription you have locked in a very rare opportunity which is more guaranteed to win than the lotto. Your odds are 1000 times greater because each subscriber is a guarantee winner. All prizes cost more than your yearly subscription. Grand Prizes include 5 days and 4 nights all inclusive resort of your choice anywhere in our great nation. PS4, NEW XBOX, Nintendo Switch, 50" TV, $100, $50 Gift Cards are all part of our giveaway prizes to runner ups. We announce our winners on Boxing Day(26th of Dec), the day after Christmas. This is a yearly event.

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If you pay for a yearly subscription of $12, you only have 1 entry. If you purchase multiply entries to level your playing field it probably won’t work. All giveaways will happen on the 26th of December each year. Then reset for another year.

Please call or send a message for further information. Luck ain’t the only way to win a vacation.

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